Websites for Small Businesses

All too often I have my business consultancy clients come to me having already had a website designed that they aren't happy with.  Sometimes it's because it's not working for them.  Sometimes they've paid a fortune for it and unfortunatly haven't got anywhere near their money's worth.

I have the benefit of not only my experience as a graphic designer but also a wealth of business and marketing experience - and for a website to really work for your business it's essential that you have all 3.

A brochureware site will cost between £550 and £750 depending on the size of the site you need.

An e-commerce site (online sales) or a site that has more functionality such as a booking system will cost between £650 and £1200 depending on the complexity.

Business level website hosting around £15 per month including virus protection, backups, updates to your website software  and full support.  (What is hosting? think of your website like your house, your house needs a street to live on and you have to pay a rent to have your house on that street - the hosting is the rent).

Included in your website build.... 

  • Step by step client involvement
  • Site designed and developed by a marketing expert
  • Logo design (if required)
  • Domain name (if required)
  • Wordpress site with flexibility to further develop or change later on
  • Commercially licenced photos and vector images
  • Clever, user friendly designs
  • Fully researched keywords and SEO implemented
  • E-commerce functionality (if required)
  • Email set up (if required)
  • Handover and coaching session

For more information on our website services, please get in touch.