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Why SMEs Should Take Advantage of Updating Their Website

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Full article with thanks to: A new study has found that shoppers spend 54% less with small businesses that have not updated their websites compared to those that have. The research, conducted by Censuswide for Yell, polled business owners and consumers for their views on the importance of websites. In addition, Yell analysed more than one million SME websites. The results show that many businesses are neglecting to update their websites, with the average site last updated 15 months ago. The data suggests that this could have a direct impact on revenue from online sales, with the study finding that consumers spend 54% less per month on average on websites that have not been updated regularly versus those that have. When asked what element of a business’s website would most likely increase their chances of making a purchase, 42% of shoppers polled cited up-to-date information. The findings come at a time when online …

Developing your Marketing List

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Developing your Marketing List Your marketing list will be the central point of your marketing strategy.  A marketing list should be so much more than a bunch of names in a notebook or on a spreadsheet – it’s pivotal to the growth of your business. For many small business owners their marketing list comprises of a bunch of names and email addresses that they have pulled together (often over a long period of time) from sales and even from research on the internet or local publications.  They then send regular emails out with details of promotions and upcoming events etc which unfortunately often end up either ignored or in a spam folder.  Marketing of this type rarely works. The Continuum of Behaviour Before reading any further, it’s important that you understand  The Continuum of Behaviour.  The decision to purchase is nearly always affected by the continuum of behaviour whether someone …